BIC Exteriors

Spring FYI...

February 27, 2014

While doing your spring home assessment to see what the long, cold winter has done to your home, don’t forget to inspect your patio cover, sunroom, carport or awning for damage from the snow and ice. Examples of the types of damage to check for are structural damage and pulli...

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Post Winter Thaw and Leaks

February 20, 2014

Here at BIC we are starting to receive phone calls from homeowners reporting leaks as the weather had warmed up

and the ice and snow have started to melt. Many of these leaks are caused by a condition known as "ice damming".

If you are having leaks of unknown origin and have not h...

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Preparing Your Home For Winter

September 18, 2013

Getting your home ready for winter?  There are some things you may want to check.

Here we are in late-summer early fall; the mornings are a little brisk and the sun isn’t out quite as long.   In just a few short months, winter will be upon us. Maybe you have started g...

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Adding More Living Space, It is All About You!

June 24, 2013

This last week I had the privilege of working with a couple replacing their 20 year old roof. As we walked around the house during the pre-install meeting we talked a few minutes about their sunroom ...

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BIC Exterior Designs & TEMO Sunrooms

June 17, 2013

BIC Exterior Designs is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive dealer in the Cincinnati area for TEMO Sunrooms, Inc.  TEMO Sunrooms manufactures Sunrooms, Pergolas, Patio Covers, Screen Rooms and Spa S...

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